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Key Entities


51ROBOT One-stop-shop Robotic Application Platform


51ROBOT One-stop-shop Robotic Application Platform is an integrated platform for sales, repair and maintenance and technological application of robots and peripheral equipment as well as robot re-manufacturing. As such it possesses a number of standard modules including robot standard system, robot peripheral equipment, robot maintenance, robot re-manufacturing, project undertaking and technological collaboration. The platform serves manufacturers of quality robots and peripheral equipment and provides customers with best value-for-money one-stop shop purchasing services. It also provides comprehensive technical services from hotline support, 24-hour accessories delivery to “0” stoppage hours for assembled units in factories with respect to maintenance and repair solutions for customized individual units or factory for large, medium and small local robot users.



Robot and AI Research Institute


The Robots and AI Research Institute is staffed with a team of highly-capable professional research and development personnel. The team mainly undertakes researches in fields such as new materials, data center, sensor technology and medical care. Specific technologies include welding technology for aluminum car bodies, security protection identification and alarm, medical history and human health analysis and robot collaboration.The Institute plans to build an advance-level research team led by a number of Academy of Sciences or Academy of Engineering members with hundreds more talented individuals under the Thousand Person Program, Cheung Kong scholars and outstanding young researchers.




Founded in 1998, Tianjin Asset Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise in the design, manufacturing, installation and debugging of the assembly line for autocar-body-in-white(BIW) welding.
Our company has young professional talents trained locally and abroad. Also, they can keep the pace with the development of vehicle welding fixture in the world. The fixtures are fully designed with 3D technology, the components and peripherals are all manufactured with CAM technology. We have maturing standards for designing, manufacturing and inspecting. Also, we have advanced CAM equipment, sophisticated means of inspection and strict quality control system, which can assure the general accuracy and operative weldability of the fixtures.


Tianjin Asset Industrial Assembly Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned enterprise in the domestic level, featuring high reputation, good credit and tremendous strength in the field of motor manufacturing equipment. The company acquiring state-of-art technology and management maintains cooperative relations with European businesses, and also provides automobile industries at home and abroad with complete sets of advanced, sophisticated and practical equipment for BIW(body in white) through keeping pace with international advanced level.


Since founded, we have successively designed and manufactured dozens of automobile welding production lines as well as the matching welding and checking fixtures for those worldwide auto companies such as JLR(Jaguar Land Rover), SVW, Chang’an Ford, Brilliance BMW, CAPSA, Guangzhou Honda, Chang’ an Automobile, Trumpchi, DFLZ, JAC and Great Wall, which is highly praised by users. So far, we have succeeded in researching and developing flexible welding line technology to manufacture 200 thousand automobiles per year which has been being well used in practice with a world-leading standard.


Tianjin Asset Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. embraces constant pursuit of innovation breakthrough in technology and R&D(research and development). The corporation has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, being one of the first “High-tech Enterprises” confirmed by Tianjin municipal government, and consecutively been dubbed “Tianjin brand-name enterprise”, “Tianjin enterprise technology center", “Tianjin intelligent Welding Technology Engineering Center” and “Tianjin excellent little giant of science and technology enterprises” and the like.


In the upcoming years, it will not only adhere to professionalism for the continuation of globalization, but also stick to be intelligently creative, technologically advanced, continuously profitable and permanently sustainable.




Shudu real estate enterprise, as a well-established company with a long history of commercial property development, boasts a professional, efficient and innovative team for urban complex development, and partners with international-root agencies of architectural design, interior design and property service, apart from nationwide or provincially renowned agencies of supervision, construction, installation and marketing, accumulating a great number of high quality customers.


Our company has successively built quite a few high quality constructions such as Chengdu’s landmark, Shudu plaza (the tallest one in the west of China), Nanning’s Min Yi mansion, Guilin’s Gold Garden Building, Chengdu’s Shahe Pali Bay as well as the Shudu Center, namely, complex building located in ChengDu’s CBD with the height of 160 meters and the construction area of 500 thousand square meters.

We will conform to the changing situation, grasp the market opportunities and make the transition to the science and technology real estate. What’s more, it will complete the reserve work for the follow-up development projects, making the projects develop orderly and continuously.