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Management Team




Ai Di (NewMargin Managing Partner, NewMargin Chairman, HGZN Chairman)


Famous female venture capital investor.

She graduated from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, has rich experience in business management and investment and financing, and won the 2015 Venture Investor Outstanding Achievement Award issued by the China Venture Capital & Private Equity Association. 




Assets management operational capability


Founded in 2011, NewMargin Capital is a domestic advanced VC management institution, and was listed on the New Three Board in September 2015 (833502). With venture capital investment and private equity investment as its core, the Company is committed to becoming China’s excellent value investor; and through industry focus and in-depth researches in fields such as science and technology, health, environmental protection, culture and consumption, it digs out high-quality enterprises able to become the industry’s leader. In 2015, the Company won the Most Active Equity Investment Institution Prize awarded by China Venture Capital & Private Equity Association, and was rated as China’s TOP 10 Local Venture Capital Enterprises by Zero2IPO.






Qiao Hui (General Manager of HGZN)


He graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), and held the post of the Vice Director of Zhangjiagang Intelligent Equipment Research Institute of the Harbin Institute of Technology, the CEO of HIT Robot Group, and the Chairman of the Service Robot of HIT Robot Group. In September 2016, he established Ma'anshan Zhefang Intelligent Robot Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Zhefang Harbin Institute of Technology Intelligent Robot Investment Enterprise (limited partnership)




Intelligent manufacturing technical background


HIT Robot Group is a high-technology company founded by the Government of Heilongjiang Province, the Government of Harbin City and the Harbin Institute of Technology. It was established in December 2014.The Group is primarily engaged in industrial robots, service robots, specialized robots, intelligent cloud robots, emerging intelligent equipment, intelligent plant projects and related technology transfer, consulting and services.