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Industry Overview


HGZN will take high-end intelligent equipment, One-stop Industrial Robotic Platform, artificial intelligence as a leading industry. Besides, it will construct the science and technology real estate project, implement the transformation of spandex business to the intelligent manufacturing business, and develop auto welding automation business through investment and acquisition. Cultivating new profit growth points, it will also lay out intelligent equipment of auto industry robot, intelligent equipment of general industry robot, and peripheral supporting equipment and parts products of high-end intelligent equipment.


In 2016, giving the full consideration of production and business operation, the company actively promote a major asset restructuring. The controlling shareholders of the company have been changed in January 20, 2017. Wuxi Zhefang Harbin Institute of Technology Intelligent Robot Investment Enterprise (limited partnership) and Wuxi Lianchaung Artificial Intelligence Investment Enterprises (limited partnership) have become the controlling shareholder of the company. The primary business are changed to: robot system, intelligent production line and artificial intelligence research and development, technology consulting, technology services; industrial robots, research and development of industrial automatic control system equipment, technology consulting, technology services, technology transfer, manufacturing, sales and maintenance; information system integration service;


Software development, technology consulting, technology services, technology transformation, sales and maintenance; use its own funds to invest in hotels, tourism, catering and entertainment industry; private rental housing; domestic trade (excluding national restrictions and prohibited items); self-operate and agent all kinds of goods’ and technologies’ import and export business (except the state limit or prohibit goods for import and export ), (project shall be approved by the government and the relevant departments before carrying out business activities).