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Intelligent Manufacturing


Intelligent logistics system

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One-stop-shop Robotic Application platform

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Automobile Automatic Production Lines

Guangqi Honda project

Guangqi Honda 70JPH project is a welding production line with the largest output in China. Asset undertakes the most crucial SR body welding line and door panel welding line, among which the beat of the body line is 46.5s, with four types of vehicle models being switching, and transported by roller bed and trolley, breaking Honda Japanese technical experts’ transport requirement of not exceeding 6s, and now it operates stably at the rate of 5.8s, which is the fastest in the present automobile industry. The five-axis linkage robot developed and patented by Asset is used for the positioning of the automatic switching of transport trolley models, ensuring the consistency of the accuracy of vehicle body, and saving over 70% cost compared with the single-station switching. Moreover, the beat of the door panel welding line is 41.5s. The mass production and application of robots developed by Asset for glue spreading and automatic online visual inspection are achieved successfully for the first time in the automobile industry, filling a domestic gap in this field.


Hangzhou Ford CD539 project

As for Chang’an Ford Hangzhou base and Chongqing base projects, Tianjin Asset undertakes the key welding areas including side wall, door panel, and sub-underbody, and its automation level is high. For the Edge and Taurus vehicle model mixed line project in Hangzhou base, 150 robots are used for the side wall portion only. The technology of robotic edge covering first and then roller hemming is adopted for door panel portion.


Chang’an Yuzui Phase II project

The Chang’an Chongqing Yuzui automobile base project is the only one automobile industry project among MIIT’s intelligent manufacturing sample projects. The features are: 60JPH, 51s beat, automatic operation of 380 robots, and four vehicle models mixed line and production. PD/PS is used in the welding workshop to establish the center control visual management system including digitalized factory, virtual debugging, equipment management system, energy monitoring system and ANDON system. In addition, it is the benchmarking project of the China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 Plan.


BAIC Zhenjiang BJ20 project

Tianjin Asset is the general contractor of the whole line of the BAIC Zhenjiang base project, and uses 152 robots to complete various process contents including spot welding, shielded welding, transport, glue spreading, roller hemming and online measurement. The automation rate of welding of large and middle-sized assembly pieces is 100%, and the logistics of all heavy cargos is finished by the intelligent transport system. The project uses a series of advanced technology of vehicle manufacturing, and flexibility, automation, digitization, intelligence and informatization technology of production line developed by Tianjin Asset, and is Tianjin Asset’s typical project for standardized and intelligent products.


Jaguar X260L intelligent production workshop

In recent years, the welding equipment provided by Tianjin Asset has successively been applied to the production lines of some luxurious automobile brands such as China-made Mercedes Benz, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover. In 2014, Tianjin Asset undertook the Chery Jaguar Land Rover X260L door panel line project, and in this project, the technical content was high, and the contract amount was large. Moreover, this project is an important one in Asset’s transformation and upgrading step to the high-end automotive equipment manufacturer.


In this project, the welding lines are divided into the door panel, side wall, floor and general assembly lines. Tianjin Asset has undergone several rounds of evaluations by customers’ foreign and Chinese experts from the project bidding starting in March 2014 to the bid winning in November, and its scores in process programs, electric programs and project management were always ahead of the four companies in the same industry (all of them are foreign-funded brands, such as Thyssen Krupp\KUKA\FFT\ABB, the long-term supplier of Jaguar Land Rover England), and finally, it successfully won the bidding of the door panel line. This production line is an area with the most complicated process, and the strictest requirements for quality and size among the above four areas, and the contract amount exceeded a hundred million. The customer mentioned that our project quality and control have reached the world’s advanced level.