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Technology Real Estate


Since the company’s establishment, we have developed many real estate projects. In 1991, our first project "Shudu Mansion" has become Chengdu's most iconic building in twentieth century, also known as "The First Western Building ".  "Shudu Center" has become a new generation of landmark center in Chengdu, which was invested in 2010.


In 2016, facing the macroeconomic control policies of destock and anti -bubble implemented by government, the real estate industry shows the characteristics of raises-low-first-and-fast-later and tempering justice with mercy. In the complex market context, the company increases investment in technological transformation, research and development of special products, builds high-end brands to strengthen the ability to resist risks in the market competition and to take effective measures to actively cope with difficulties.


In the face of the complex context of the current real estate market, we adhere to the stated goals of the shareholders' conference, and have transformed into developing technological estate, such as science and technology industrial parks, scientific and technological factories, technological research and development laboratories, and other scientific and technological real estate.