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Company Profile


Jiangsu Hagong Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. (hereafter as HGZN) is a large comprehensive listed company. Founded in 1980, our predecessor Chengdu Industrial Exhibition Trust Co., Ltd. is the earliest standardized joint-stock company since in  P.R.C, who issued the first securities since the reform and opening up.

In 1991, we changed our name into “Chengdu ShuDu Building Co., Ltd.”. In May, 2004, we changed our name into “Sichuan Sofcra Special-typed Fiber Co., Ltd.”. In May, 2009, we renamed as “Sichuan Youli Investment Holding Co., Ltd.”. In October, 2014, we renamed as “Jiangsu Youli Investment Holding Co., Ltd.”.

In January, 2017, we changed the actual controller and finished the wholly-owned acquisition to Tianjin Asset Industrial Assembly Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the field of automation in automobile industry. Until then, we took the first step into the transformation from traditional industries to the fields of intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence. 

On 24th, August, 2017, “Jiangsu Youli Investment Holding Co., Ltd.” renamed as “Jangsu Hagong Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd.”


In the future, we will establish the manufacturing of high-end intelligent equipment,One-stop Industrial Robotic Platform, and artificial intelligence as the dominant industry. Also, we will start the construction of technology real estate and new material program; develop the auto welding automation services through acquisition. Moreover, we will open up new profit point in robot intelligent equipment for auto industry, the upgrade to artificial intelligence for general industrial robots, the corollary equipment and components for high-end intelligent equipment. We will adhere to the norm for governance, strengthen internal control, pay close attention to management, expand the market to strengthen the core competitiveness.